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Birmingham has a variety of parking options, including meters throughout the downtown, and five parking decks. The first two hours are free in decks, then only $1 per hour there after. Download a parking map.

With five conveniently located city-owned parking decks, parking in one of these decks is convenient and affordable. Deck parking is less expensive than meter parking and decks have no time limits. NO matter what your downtown destination, there is always a city deck located nearby.

Benefits to Deck Parking

  • The first two hours of parking are free.
  • Deck parking always costs less than meter parking.
  • There are no time limits in the deck.
  • City decks are well-lit.
  • City decks have elevators and are handicap accessible.
  • Enjoy free parking on Sundays.
  • For more information about permit parking in the decks call 248-540-9690.

Other Parking Options
There are 1200 meters in the downtown area. Time limits and hours of operation vary and are posted on the meters. Use Parkmobile for fast and easy parking!

What is Parkmobile?
The Parkmobile service is available at all parking meters in the City of Birmingham. Motorists can pay for parking with smart phones using Parkmobile’s native mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Windows 7, and Blackberry smartphones.  Merchants can also pay for customer parking on Parkmobile’s website.

How to Use Parkmobile
To use the new Parkmobile system patrons can register for free at Once registered, motorists can use a mobile app, the internet, QR code, or call toll free at 800-280-4146 to pay for parking.  Parkmobile users will select the zone and parking space numbers printed on the Parkmobile stickers on each meter. After setting up an account, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone. Customers can add more time to a meter from their phones, as long as the posted time limit is not exceeded. Text message alerts are available to advise patrons that meter expiration time is impending.

Meters in Birmingham have varying time limits and cost $.50 or $1.00 per hour depending upon location.  Use of Parkmobile will add a fee per transaction depending on how the customer opts to use the service.  Parkmobile USA has payment options including standard ($.43 per transaction fee) and preferred customer ($1.75 per month with $.35 per transaction fee).  A Mobile Wallet payment option provides patrons and merchants the opportunity to establish a virtual account in various amounts to minimize individual transaction fees.  Parking patrons may also continue to pay for meter time using coins.

For more information about Parkmobile, visit

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