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On July 14, 1992, Governor John Engler signed into law Public Act 146, which amended Public Act No 120 of 1961, known as the “Redevelopment of Shopping Areas Act.”  This legislation provided much needed assistance in the organization, improvement, and promotion of the Birmingham business community.

Today, the Birmingham Shopping District continues to fulfill its mission:

We strive to provide leadership in the marketing, advertising, and promotion of the Birmingham Shopping District.   We actively work to promote a district that is active, attractive, clean, safe and pedestrian-oriented, and ensure that the entire district continues to serve as a center for business, service, social, cultural and community activities.

Benefits Provided by the Birmingham Shopping District
The BSD provides many programs and services that assist businesses, property owners and the entire business district. Learn more by downloading our BSD benefits letter


The BSD is funded by a special assessment on all commercial, non-residential property in a defined geographic area in and around the central business district.  Assessment rates are on a per square foot basis.  They vary, depending on which part of the district a property is located, and whether the space is first floor retail space or 2nd floor and above.

BSD Office, Board and Committee Structure

The BSD Special Assessment funds an office with a full time Executive Director, and three part time staff.   The staff  members are employees of the City of Birmingham. The office is located inside the Birmingham Municipal Building at 151 Martin Street.  The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.   A counter features literature and information about Birmingham including Visitors Guide, Birmingham Magazine, event listings and other publications.

The BSD Board consists of commercial property owners, business owners, and residents from areas adjoining the BSD.  The City Manager also sits on the BSD Board.  The Board provides overall direction and leadership to the Executive Director and staff.  The Board meets monthly, usually the first Thursday of the month, 8 a.m. at the Community House.  Board members are appointed by the City Commission for two year terms.

For Agendas and Minutes, click here.

The BSD has four operational committees that meet regularly.  These include:

Marketing/Advertising Committee-

The BSD provides a full range of publications and online presence, with the goal of enhancing Birmingham’s image as a retail, service and entertainment destination.  Responsibilities include:

  • Website - Merchants receive a free listing and page on this site. There is a calendar of events, news, and available commercial property listing posted as well.
  • Facebook Page Birmingham Shopping District.
  • Birmingham Magazine, published three times per year, offering merchants a quality, affordable advertising platform reaching over 40,000 households.
  • Visitors Guide of downtown Birmingham, categorizing and listing retail and service business.
  • Multi-media advertising campaigns featuring online, print, television and radio advertising.

Special Events Committee-

The BSD hosts and sponsors many special events during the course of the year. Some events are designed as retail driven activities while others are image-builders for the city and provide opportunities for you to introduce your business to potential new customers.  For a calendar of events please visit our website Some events include:

  • Birmingham Restaurant Week in January/February
  • Birmingham Farmers Market, Sundays May-October
  • Day On The Town street fair and sidewalk sale in July
  • Birmingham Movie Nights in June, July and August
  • Birmingham Cruise Event in August
  • Holiday Tree Lighting and Santa House in November
  • Birmingham Winter Markt in December

Maintenance and Capital Improvements Committee-

Birmingham BSD works hard to create an attractive, safe and pedestrian friendly shopping environment.  Some of the projects include:

  • Holiday lighting and decoration throughout downtown.
  • Sidewalk snow removal in front of all businesses in the BSD.
  • Summer Floral program with over 185 baskets and 35 planters around the downtown area.
  • Storefront flower watering in the summer, in conjunction with the City of  Birmingham DPS.
  • Daily trash clean-up in the downtown area.

Business Development Committee-

Business development and retention has taken a significant role in the BSD’s Activities.  In 2009 the BSD hired a retail leasing consultant to help fill some of the vacant storefronts with significant retailers that can help anchor the other businesses. In addition, the BSD’s role includes:

  • Maintain a database of all members and a list of available retail and office space on and in print.
  • Work closely with commercial real estate brokers, property owners and managers to maintain a healthy retail and business mix in the central business district.
  • Develop and maintain marketing materials designed to tell Birmingham’s story to retailers and to commercial real estate professionals.

For more information, call the Birmingham BSD Office at 248-530-1200, or email us at   Follow us on Facebook - Birmingham Shopping District.

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