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SmartFinds Internet Marketing

SmartFinds provides local marketing solutions for stores, offices, multi-tenant office buildings, and franchises.  Whether you are a retail store, law firm, CPA firm, commercial real estate and any other business that is dependent upon the local market for their revenue, SmartFinds has a solution to help you.

To market a office, store or franchise location on a local level, we target the city it is located in and extend our reach to the surrounding areas in that region.  Part of this process involves syndicating information for each individual store or franchise location out to a wide array of websites and online directories.  The other part involves implementing web marketing strategies to effectively market individual store locations directly to the consumers in those nearby communities.

Our local marketing solutions will include:

  • Local Business Listing Marketing Management
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews Management
  • City Landing Page Marketing Strategy
  • Local Social Media Marketing (Active and Passive)
  • Hyper-Local Advertising Solutions (e.g Google Adwords Express).

Additional local web marketing services include:

  • Press Release Marketing
  • Event Marketing 
  • Live Video Streaming