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OPTIK Birmingham

2005 saw OPTIK Birmingham receive impressive editorials in The Detroit Free Press and LUCKY a national fashion magazine, The "one of a kind" optical boutique is starting to gain recognition locally. "I wanted to differentiate my optical shop from all others." states Dr. Joe Ales, owner of OPTIK Birmingham," and I have not seen another like it in my travels to Europe, New York... anywhere." With the largest collection of original, un-used vintage eyewear in the Midwest, the Hindsight Collection, OPTIK attracts people with decidedly creative sensibilities, "people who want an original look," states Dr.Ales, "vintage is a perfect complement to our exclusive contemporary frames like those from Robert Marc and FreudenHaus." OPTIK now has vintage handbags, jewelry and accessories too! Dr. Joe Ales provides eye examinations and fits contact lenses, and OPTIK Birmingham has an impressive selection of eyewear for women, men and children.