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Elm Street Clinic

Elm Street Clinic is a privately owned facility which provides mental health care service on a outpatient basis . Services are provided which are consistent with, and appropriate to, the needs of the patient.

A high quality level of patient care is provided through a qualified and motivated staff of mental health professionals who are master-degreed or above and state licensed/certified. Excellence in service, cost containment and ease of accessibility are of prime concern, The clinic provides maximal opportunity for all patients to receive rapid, intensive attention (psychiatric, psychological, and social work) directed toward enhancing the quality of their lives.

Our clients consist of children, families, and adults, regardless of age, gender, race, color, nationality religion or handicap. Who are in need of metal health care services. Treatment is provided to though not limited to citizens of the Tri-County area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb) Service request come from a variety of sources, including self-referrals, physicians, schools and other agencies.