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Studio 4 Bodywork

Welcome to Studio 4 Bodywork!  We are your connection to some of the most exciting alternative approaches to chronic pain, posture, health and wellness.  We are not a spa, but a professional studio specializing in effective complimentary therapies, performed by some of the most experienced, highly trained, and certified practitioners in the Metro Detroit area. 
We are the only studio in Metro Detroit that specialized in Rolfing/Structural Integration, a deep tissue manipulation technique specifically designed to correct poor posture and relieve pain associated with it.
You can also find Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Studio 4 Bodywork!  Chronic pain, stress, digestive issues and women’s health are just a few of the many conditions that can be helped by this 2000 year old technique.
Therapeutic Massage helps relieve sore overused/injured muscles, improves flexibility, circulation and decreases stress and tension.
Lymphatic Drainage helps to keep swelling/fluid retention down and gives the body some assistance when it’s sick!
We invite you to experience any of our great services here at our studio – you will be glad that you did!  If you have any questions or like to schedule an appointment, just give us a call at 248-433-3000. 
        Experience the Difference!