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Fitness/Wellness Studio offering the barre core method for group classes, private parties and personal training.

We are a fitness studio offering a workout technique designed to improve and enhance balance, posture, long & lean muscle tone, flexibility and core strength.

Relevé is a 60 minute total body workout that utilizes a ballet barre to create a longer leaner you. It is a system that lifts the seat, tones the thighs, defines the arms and strengthens the core while improving your overall balance and flexibility.

Using concentrated isometric movements, each muscle group is targeted and worked to increase strength and definition. Isometrics are followed by a series of barre stretches to elongate the muscles with less bulk. Relevé lifts and lengthens the body to give you quick, noticeable results.  

At Relevé, you set your own fitness goals.   You don’t have to have a ballet background just a willingness to improve your body, mind, spirit... so no tutus or tights, just comfortable work-out clothes and socks.   We’ll safely check your shoes at the door, so come on in and join us.