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Hardy, Lewis & Page, PC

Hardy, Lewis & Page, P.C. is a professional corporation consisting of 17 attorneys engaging in the general practice of law for over 30 years. Firm offices are located in the cities of Birmingham and Detroit, Michigan. The firms practice involves representation of a wide variety of clients and touches upon many areas of the law. The firm engages in a substantial variety of complex trial and appellate litigation in both the State and Federal courts. Currently 8 of the attorneys in the firm are actively involved in the representation of management in an employment-related practice. Within the employment area, the firm deals with a broad range of legal issues from the traditional labor subjects, such as representation campaigns, arbitration negotiations and unfair labor practice charges to subject of more recent development such a civil rights and wrongful termination litigation. Substantial segments of the firms practice also involve corporate law, real estate, family law, tax, probate, personal injury, business and estate planning.