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Suzy Perette Ltd.

“This is a design studio and showroom for the dress label Suzy Perette. Suzy Perette was first introduced in 1947 when Sidney Blauner, the original owner of the Suzy Perette label, and the house of Christian Dior struct a special agreement that made the coveted Parisienne designs that were once daydreams, become available to American women. The Suzy Perette legacy has been carried on by vintage enthusiasts worldwide and the iconic Perette designs remain in high demand to this day.

Today, local designer Karen Hartle has reintroduced the iconic brand to us in hopes to honor the Suzy Perette brand by bringing its timeless styles to the modern American woman. Our focus is elegant, simple designs with a bit of Parisian chic that can carry you from day to night with ease and grace. We have added some modern touches to bring her forward. We try to imagine where she has been, who she is today, and where she is going.”